Jake Miller is Kept up in ‘ADDERALL’

Jake Miller just dropped an electro-pop jam for us to sing and dance along to. ‘ADERALL’ marks the first single he’s released this year and the continuation to his Simple Life EP.

2020 Was His Year

Jake managed to get really creative during quarantine last year. Since the drop of his single ‘SAVED ME’ in May, he released a new song almost every month until December. These songs include originals like ‘BLAME IT ON YOU’, ‘Let’s Go Home’, ‘ROSS AND RACHEL’, ‘Wanna Be’, ‘RESET’, and ‘SIMPLE LIFE’. Alongside these singles, he also dropped two songs featuring artists MILES and Fly By Midnight, ‘JUMPIN’ and ‘Automatic’. I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was his year!

About the new single, Jake shared, “ADDERALL is about that one person who takes all the stress away when you’re grinding 24/7 and feeling overworked. I love how trippy and dreamy the track feels. It really sets the tone for the new wave of music I’ll be releasing in 2021!”

Jake is a Hardworker

In the upbeat song, Jake expresses his feelings to his girlfriend appreciating her for what she does for him. He shares that no matter how long a day is, how much pressure he’s feeling or how much work he has, she is always there for him to support him. “But every time I hit a wall / You come over when I call / Keep me up like Adderall / Don’t know how you do it,” he sings.

The music video goes along with the lyrics of the single. He expresses that sometimes, he doesn’t see the sunlight for even three days due to being in the studio working. In the video, he seems to be at a small cabin, where his musical instruments such as guitars are.

‘ADDERALL’ also marks the beginning of a new era for Jake. It might be the lead single of a forthcoming LP coming later this year. We’ll have to wait and see what he has in store for us!

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