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AJR Debut ‘Way Less Sad’ Prior to Album Release

AJR’s new album, OK Orchestra, is set to release on March 26, and the group just gave fans one more single to enjoy before the awaited date. ‘Way Less Sad’ is the band’s newest single, and it has everything fans could’ve asked for.

Discussing Mental Health in ‘Way Less Sad’

‘Way Less Sad’ is the fourth song that has been released out of the forthcoming 13-track album OK ORCHESTRAThe song mostly deals with the topic of mental health. The group’s lead singer, Jack, tells himself and other people that he is okay despite knowing he is not okay. While he is working toward an eventual state of joy in life, he tries to tell himself to enjoy the current times of happiness while they last, until he can achieve a better, more joyful state of mind in the future. As it refers to depression, he explains how he won’t be completely fine overnight, but he’ll get there with time.

AJR’s Point of View in Important Topics

‘Way Less Sad’ has an AJR-style look into the world. It tries to shine a brighter and less cynical light on the brothers’ surroundings. It discusses the trio’s New York life and tries to paint a vibrant picture of modern societal norms. The song also makes a reference to cancel culture, toxic environments, and one’s inability to “sleep at night” with the demons that loom over us. 

In the music video, the brothers went all over the place to portray the emotions that the song talks about. From Jack not being able to pour a glass of wine or eat because it all seems to escape to the ceiling, to the brothers riding a carrousel, to them running at the beach, it’s a video that very much summarizes what AJR is about. The brothers always try to find ways to be creative, and this music video is not the exception. Go watch it down below!

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