December 06, 2022

Jack Harlow’s “First Class” is Glamorous


Jack Harlow, after shooting to fame through his That’s What They All Say album, is back again with another hit. “First Class,” which released Thursday at midnight, had gone viral just days before its release. Harlow posted a snippet of the track, which samples Fergie’s “Glamorous,” to TikTok. In mere hours, the song had taken over social media.

“First Class” is Undeniable

“Glamorous” released in 2006, yet still has a grip on millenials and gen-zers alike. Jack Harlow capitalizes on such a treasured song and creates something both nostalgic and fresh. “First Class” starts off with Harlow rapping over the chorus of “Glamorous,” reinvigorating a decades old song. It’s hard not to listen and immediately sing along, as the track is undeniably catchy and glamorous… pun intended.

Jack Harlow Lives the High Life

Harlow doesn’t just rely on the nostalgia of Fergie to create the hit. “First Class” is all about living the high life, and Jack is definitely not ashamed of it. He raps, “They say you a superstar now, damn I guess I am / You might be the man, well, that’s unless I am / Okay, I’ll confess, I am”.

Something Different

Missionary Jack’s flow on his new track is a bit different from his recent discography, and it’s completely refreshing. Harlow raps subtly, easily over a piano-based melody. He takes a Fergie staple, spins it on its head, and still comes out on top. “First Class” is a seminar in using samples.

More to Come from Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow has now released two singles from his upcoming album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, which releases on May 6th. “Nail Tech” dropped in February, accompanied by a stellar music video featuring Yung Miami. “First Class,” which took over social media in one day, is just another teaser for what’s to come from Harlow. If his latest tracks are any indication, Come Home The Kids Miss You will be another smash hit from the 24-year-old Kentucky native.

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