Jack Harlow Show Us ‘Whats Poppin’ with Debut Album

The Artist

One week after being top 5 in the Apple Music Pre-Release Charts, Jack Harlow’s debut commercial album is looking to end 2020 with pretty good numbers. That’s What They All Say dropped on Dec 11 and features notable artists like Lil baby, Chris Brown, and Adam Levine. The album is expected to sell 52k in the first week, falling short of the recent projects by Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift. 

The emerging artist has been on a blaze this year after releasing his Grammy-nominated single What’s Poppin. Harlow later remixed his single with Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Torey Lanez. The other single putting the R&B Hip-Hop artist on the map is the song for friend and NBA rising star Tyler Herro.

The Album

The 22-year-old Kentucky native doesn’t disappoint with the 15- tracks project that includes bangers like Tyler Herro. Harlow established his flow in his appearance of XXL Freshman Freestyle, but he shows his range with this new album.

Harlow worked with over 30 producers including the likes of Harry Fraud and Nemo Achida to capture a flavor like no other. The story he tells is one of rags to riches as Jack gets his first taste of stardom.

The album hits on the pressures of being the most prominent MC out of Louisville. His success changed people around him and he’s trying not to let it change him. 


The album has great production and is pretty good for just a debut studio album. His beats are all very different in structure but contain smooth full bass with a rhythmic cadence. Harlow’s lyrics and delivery are on point for much of the album and ends up being a great storyteller.

The theme of the album is great success and humility. Harlow celebrates his hometown and how it shaped the confident persona we see today.

We should all keep a lookout for Jack Harlow in the future. Although he is a little underrated right now, the young rapper has a talent that could prove to be timeless. He can flow like the classic MC’s while mixing in relatable content over trap soul-inspired melodies.

My Top 5 Songs (No Order)


Same Guy (feat. Adam Lavine)

Route 66 (feat. EST Gee)

Tyler Herro

Baxter Avenue

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