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Jack Harlow Co-Hosts ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Jack Harlow Co-Hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Platinum-selling rapper Jack Harlow was the co-host of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ last night. Harlow joined the show to play games, read hashtags, The comic duo made for a legendary show that will surely go down in the books.


The Hashtag segment is a Tonight Show tradition where Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets from a Hashtag he has created. Becoming the number one trending topic in the U.S. #AddAWordRuinAHorrorMovie sparked some hilarious tweets for Harlow and Fallon to read. To name a few “Rosemary’s Baby Daddy,” “Get out more” and “The Last Waffle House On the Left.” Fallon’s audience shows their creative humor with the tweets making for an entertaining segment.

Random Object Shootout ft. Dwayne Wade

Next, Co-Host Jack Harlow teams up against Jimmy Fallon to compete in a basketball shooting contest using random objects. The objects include a jack o’lantern, cornucopia full of eyeballs, a vase filled with applesauce, necco wafers and halloween mask. Harlow, after scoring 7 points, was surprised to see NBA champion Dwyane Wade appear as a special guest. The rapper made a total of 3 baskets while Fallon made 0.

Harlow Talks His Attempt To Perform “Fergalicious” at his fifth grade talent show

Lastly, the duo sit down for a conversation-like interview. Harlow the Co-Host, opens up about his first time on The Tonight Show in 2020. The rapper was gaining traction from his first hit “WHATS POPPIN”. He admits he was nervous as it was his first ever TV appearance. They talk about his newest smash hit “First Class” from the album Come Home The Kids Miss You. In his live performance of “First Class” at the VMA’S, Harlow gathered friends, singers, as well as Fallon. Seated in an airplane was comedian Druski, rapper Lil Nas X, singer Chloe Bailey and more. At the last minute good friend Druski appeared in Jack’s performance. Harlow performs walking through the aisle and brings out icon Fergie to perform “Glamorous.” His song “First Class” samples the 2009 hit which he was inspired by. Jack Harlow tells a story about wanting to perform “Fergalicious” at his fifth grade talent show audition. But, they stopped to tell him the lyrics were too provocative.

In addition, rapper speaks on touring his newest album Come Home The Kids Miss You spilling about how he loves “the bus life.” He enjoys traveling to new cities, in fact, he traveled from Toronto directly to The Tonight Show. Also, Jack talks freestyling with his Mom in the car when he was young. The interview concludes with an old video of young Harlow rapping with his friends.

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Jack Harlow’s “First Class” is Glamorous

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