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Thomas Rhett Reinvents “Angels”

Country artist Thomas Rhett released a new radio version of his single “Angels,” retitling it “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings.)”

“Angels” Is Ready For Radio One Year After Its Release

Thomas Rhett released the new version of the song just a few days past the original version’s release anniversary. It officially came out on January 14, 2022. Now, a year later, he is ready to have the song hit country radio stations and adapts the song to fit that format. The new version is still pretty similar to the original, just a little bit shorter.

Thomas took over to Instagram to share the news of the new version of “Angels” being out. In a video, with the caption: “‘Angels’ coming soon to a radio station near you!” He comments: “What’s up everybody? Good Morning, I just wanted to hop on here and say that ‘Angels’ is going to be our next single to go to Country radio.”

He continued, “God, I remember the day I wrote this song, I was like ‘There’s something special about it’ and ever since the record came out, it is kind of just raised its hand the entire time. It has resonated with a bunch of you, so thank you all for loving it. Start requesting it on your local radio station. Until it goes to radio, make sure you crank ‘Angels.’ Me and the band are kind of working on it right now for our tour and we can’t wait to hear you all sing that song back to us. So thank you for the support on this song.”

Country artist Thomas Rhett brings us a new radio version of his previously released single retitling it, “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings.)”
Photo: Instagram @thomasrhettakins. “What a week on the water.. I love traveling with you @laur_akins”

Thomas Wrote The Song For His Wife

Revealing last year that “Angels” was inspired by his wife Lauren Akins, Thomas and Akins have been wed since 2012. The song is sweet and peaceful, letting her know how much he appreciates everything she’s done for him. If you need a cute song to dedicate to that special person, don’t look anywhere else! Check out “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)” out now.

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