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“I’m A Mess” Transports Us Back To The Early 2000s

Avril Lavigne and YUNGBLUD join pop-punk forces for “I’m A Mess.” 

avril lavigne and YUNGBLUD "I'm A Mess"
Photo Credit: Ryan McFadden

“I’m A Mess”: The Long Awaited Collaboration

“I’m A Mess” exudes a nostalgic early 2000s vibe, that we have been craving. The collaboration arrives on November 3, and marks the first time Avril Lavigne and YUNGBLUD are featured together on a track. Initially, Avril gave a preview of “I’m A Mess” on her Tiktok page October 25, 2022. Instantly the video flood with positive comments encouraging the long time musician to drop the song. It felt like old Avril Lavigne was back, and everyone was here for it. The two musicians have been good friends for awhile, performing Avril’s “I’m With You” together in March at a YUNGBLUD show. It was only a matter of time until we got both of Avril and YUNGBLUD’s styles merged on a track. 

Avril Lavigne Blames Herself

Further, “I’m A Mess” features production by Travis Barker and John Feldmann. The pop rock ballad infused banger entails feelings of regret, heartbreak and self-blame. Avril feels lost, and is questioning if her and her lover will ever cross paths again. Afterward, she blames herself for the ending of the relationship. “I wish it was me and you ’til the end/ But I know I’m a mess, I’m a mess,” she sings in the chorus. 


Following, YUNGBLUD joins for the second verse of “I’m A Mess.” They write about regret and replaying the ending of a relationship. “It hasn’t been the same since that night / I wish I said “I love you” just one more time,” they sing. YUNGBLUD gives more insight into the problem that caused their past relationship to erupt. YUNGBLUD is now in distress, wondering what to do next and how to go on without them. 

The singers feel like a wreck when they do not have this person in their presence. And so, they panic about the unknowns, questioning if this is truly the ending. “I die just a little, die just a little / I’m slipping closer to the edge / I hear your voice, it’s in my head / But you’re gone again, gone again,” Avril Lavigne and YUNGBLUD sing on the bridge.

The music video opens with Avril on a skateboard, referencing her 2002 hit “Sk8er Boi.” This is a full circle moment for people that grew up listening to Lavigne. The visuals and mood of the track are receiving a lot of praise from the fans. Listen to “I’m A Mess” here, and watch the music video down below!

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