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Samia Recruits Papa Mbye For “Mad At Me”

Rising singer-songwriter Samia releases new single “Mad At Me” featuring papa mbye, following September’s “Kill Her Freak Out.”

Samia’s Sophomore Album Honey Arrives This January

Samia releases “Mad At Me,” and gears up for the release of a new album! That’s right, after delivering her debut album The Baby in 2020, she’s now ready to move on to the next chapter of her career. In fact, her sophomore album, Honey, is set for release on January 27, and she already has a tracklist available. So, the LP will feature 11 songs, and we already know two of them – “Kill Her Freak Out” and now, “Mad At Me.” Other unreleased tracks that will be part of the project include “Pink Balloon,” “Sea Lions,” “Amelia,” and “Dream Song.” We can’t wait to hear them all!

“Honey” Is A Sarcastic Anthem

For now, we can enjoy “Mad At Me” as much as we can. In short, the song is a sarcastic anthem about not caring what anyone else thinks, and having a good time despite the world being against you. “Why would I want to. Pick up the glass I’m stepping around? You shut the door. As soon as I whispered. “Do you ever wish you weren’t a coward?… Are you still mad at me?” she sings. 

“The lyrics for ‘Mad At Me’ came from a poem I’d written about imagining what it’d be like to stop caring about what anyone was thinking,” Samia shared. “I was cosplaying a position that I haven’t experienced –  which is of literally any confidence in my point of view. In the video, we tried to embody that character – a bunch of girls having a good time in spite of it all.”

She continues to admit, “It is a big lie. I wrote it with Rostam Batmanglij on the day we met. Such an honor to have Papa Mbye on it!!”

On the other hand, Papa Mbye also spoke about the collaboration on Instagram. “I still remember waking up to 5 missed calls from Caleb one morning. I hit him back and he told me Samia wanted me on this song. It’s a pleasure to know y’all and working together is the cherry on top. It’s also crazy to be on something that Rostam helped write/produce – what an honor.”

Mark your calendars! Honey is out on January 27.

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