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“If You Ask Me To” Is Charli D’Amelio’s Debut Song

“if you ask me to”

Charli D’Amelio releases debut song, “if you ask me to” which has been getting some mixed reviews. Dixie D’Amelio her sister, has been releasing music since 2020. Charli is known for being a dancer, showcasing her talents on Tiktok and starring on the competition series, Dancing With The Stars. While Dixie, who recently released her debut album, is known as the singer of the family. Tiktok is in a frenzy about this because of this supposed “sister rivalry.” We see what Dixie truly thinks about her sister’s music career on The D’Amelio Show. The reality show on Hulu takes people behind the scenes of the D’Amelio Family’s life. 

As you can see in the clip above, Dixie is not ecstatic about Charli pursuing a music career. Dixie’s debut album released in June of this year, and on October 26th Charli released her new single, “if you ask me to.”

Charli is the second most followed Tiktoker with a whopping 148 million. She shares the single with them which details a heartbreaking story most of us know all too well. 

A Fictional Story

In an interview with Billboard, Charli D’Amelio states that the song tells a fictional story that does not correlate with her life experiences. “if you ask me too” details a girl seeing the guy she loves with another girl. Naturally, we compare ourselves to who someone chooses over us. What do they have that we don’t? And so the main character sees who her love interest is with, and recognizes all her amazing qualities. Ultimately, she feels down on herself and doesn’t feel she compares. 

But whenever her love interest asks for her back, she will make herself available for them. “From minutes to seconds to hours, been waiting for you/ But she loves you too, I guess it’s too soon/ But I’d come running if you asked me to,” D’Amelio sings in the chorus. 

The lyrics reveals her love interest left her in the past and showed no remorse. And he took advantage of the fact she would stick around for him no matter what. “If you always thought about her, did you have to waste my time?/ So if blue was never love then all this time, have I been color-blind?” The girl was misled by him, but was unaware because she was blinded by love. 

Music Video For “if you ask me to”

The music video for “if you ask me to,” puts the vision to life and Charli’s acting skills to the test. It begins with the influencer at a party watching the guy she likes interact then leave with a girl. 

Both the music video and the song are reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license.” The suspenseful instrumental, bridge and heart wrenching lyrics likely draw inspiration from Rodrigo. 

Check out the video and song down for “if you ask me to” by Charli D’Amelio below.

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