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Hayley Kiyoko To Release Debut Album Novel Girls Like Girls

About The Pop Star

The news of the week is pop star Hayley Kiyoko’s debut young adult novel, Girls Like Girls. One more time the Californian songwriter wants to explore yet another art, besides everything she’s been involved in. Hayley is indeed a 360° artist, with a career that ranges from her talents as songwriter/dancer to her role as actress and director. But this new chapter of her life now seems more interesting than ever.

Inspiration Behind Novel Girls Like Girls

The book is inspired by her 2015 hitGirls Like Girls” and will be out on May 30, 2023. Plus, it’s already possible to pre-order it online. Hayley’s novel will document a coming of age queer romance of actuality. It’s not just a trend of our times, but more a back in the days inspired by the experiences of the artist. Girls Like Girls will build a second story to rip all the floors out.

Regarding this, Hayley has shared some thoughts in a statement obtained by JustJaredJr: “Ever since I released the music video for ‘Girls Like Girls,’ it has been a dream of mine to tell the whole story of Coley and Sonya. I am so excited to explore these characters further in a novel, and to take readers on their quest for love. I am forever grateful for my fans who continue to champion me and help fuel my passion for storytelling.”

After years of underrated work, Hayley is now taking all she wanted. She has finally obtained the attention she needed to express herself, in the way she’s more comfortable with. Yet another one in a multifaceted path. Hayley Kiyoko represents the needs of a generation who wants to speak openly without fear. She has the chance to do it. This time with literature and the incredible power of words, as she already did with her musical lyrics.

Girls Like Girls, 5/30/23, we can’t wait for that. 

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