December 02, 2022
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IDK Goes From Rags To Riches In “Monsieur Dior”


"Monsieur Dior" by IDK

“Monsieur Dior” Sample And Tribute

Rapper IDK releases his latest single, the vulnerable and motivational, “Monsieur Dior,” on October 28. “Monsieur Dior” samples “Huit octobre 1971” by French artist, Cortex, released in 1975. In fact, the same sample was incorporated in MF DOOM’s smash hit “One Beer”. On Discord, IDK states “Monsieur Dior” is a tribute to collaborator and hip hop legend, the late MF Doom

IDK holds anger and sadness behind the lyrics in “Monsieur Dior.” “Got so many problems, fuck the jail, fuck the judge, fuck the bail, fuck the law/ In the name of Dior, in the name of Dior, in the name of Dior, in the name of Dior (Yah),” he raps in the chorus. Actually, the French word “Monsieur” means “Mister” in English and Dior references the French fashion brand, Christian Dior. Notably, he recalls his upbringing where he didn’t have a house, so he would communicate with people “in the trap.” In addition, “Monsieur Dior” takes accountability for some of his wrongful actions, and IDK is hopeful he can make up for them. 

As he frequently states, IDK struggles to give and show love. He writes about not receiving any love. Therefore, it triggers him when he gives love and doesn’t receive it back. 

Seeking Light In A Dark Room

Metaphorically speaking, his life is like a dark room that he is trying to brighten. And as time passes, he still has not found the light. “Back when Tigg was in the basement, I was sittin’, chillin’ (Uh-huh) / I was studyin’ the greatness, I was sittin’ witness (Uh-huh),” he raps in “Monsieur Dior.” IDK was preparing and manifesting his success in the music industry. Moreover, he has determination to reach his goals and repair his image that faced damage from the past. 

The most vulnerable line IDK includes in “Monsieur Dior” arrives in the second verse. “Was raised by the wolves, wasn’t raised by my fam’/ Rest in peace to my mama and my dad,” IDK raps. Specifically, his parents were not present so they could not guide him. And so, it was like he was “thrown out to the wolves.” He had to figure life out on his own and predictably, he took the wrong path at times. 

“Monsieur Dior” Music Video

Set in Dallas, TX, the music video for “Monsieur Dior” is in black and white. In the video, IDK boxes on a basketball court, and rap on the streets in front of a debilitated house. After this, the video transitions to him rapping on stage in front of a large crowd and entering his very own tour bus he purchased. The motivational visual switches from his tough environment in the streets to his tour life as a famous rapper.



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