December 09, 2022

BoyWithUke – IDGAF Track Review


Recently, TikTok sensation and artist BoyWithUke released a music video for his track “IDGAF.” The track features blackbear, a fellow contemporary who provides a small but fitting verse. The music video matches the vibe and force of the lyrics. A broken hearted and phenomenally petty Uke gets over his cheating ex by exercising, throwing out her things, and taking out his aggression on a dummy who’s got his rival’s face taped onto it. 



The silly nature of the video is a staple for BoyWithUke. He’s always using humor to grow his following. It also serves as a wonderful juxtaposition to the sad themes of heartbreak. The tempo of the track is bouncy and fun. While it won’t be on everyone’s gym playlist, I can see some adding it to the mix. On top of this, the lyrics have a distinct “fuck you” touch with examples like:

You lied lookin’ filthy in your jean shorts”, “You weren’t even pretty, lookin’ back I’m sure,” and the pièce de résistance “And I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowin’ full well you were put up for adoption.” 

Wow. That’s a personal touch to the “I’m so done” tone. Toss that together with the signature ukulele forward music that mixes so well with the beat and fun vibe and you got an experience that leaves you curious to check out the rest of his work. 

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