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Gaby Moreno Drops “Nobody’s Wrong” & Announces Album

GRAMMY Award-winning artist Gaby Moreno released her new rock-infused single “Nobody’s Wrong,” and announced her upcoming album, Alegoría

Gaby Moreno Announces Alegoría – A Bilingual Album

Out April 22 via Metamorfosis, Alegoría builds and expands on her artistic expressions. “Musically, I felt I needed something where I could just let loose. Also, bring out this other side of me which is heavily influenced by blues and rock;” Gaby says about the new single. “I had this guitar riff for a while and brought it to my friend Adam Levy; who had heard Joe Walsh say ‘Nobody’s Wrong’ in an interview. The song is just about carrying on with your life and not getting sucked in by all the drama; that two very different, but very valid points of view, can create.” 

 The self-produced, 11-song Alegoría includes songs in both English and Spanish exploring themes of hope, love, nostalgia, and desolation. The project will arrive as Gaby’s seventh studio album. Notably, the album features, among others, her guitar heroes Marc Ribot and Davíd Garza. 

Gaby continues to create music that offers an invitation into her soulful sound for English and Spanish speakers alike. “It was always natural to me to create music using both languages; because I speak both in my everyday life,” she adds. “I just couldn’t turn my back on one or the other. I’m proud of my Latin roots, of being a Guatemalan immigrant. I love how languages have the capacity of connecting with so many different cultures and people. But in the end, it’s the power of music that speaks to all of us and brings us together.”  

Her Latin Grammy Recognition

Producing is not a new endeavor for the multi-dimensional creative portfolio that Gaby Moreno has built. In 2020 she produced, co-wrote, and sang the duet “Bolero a La Vida;” with legendary Cuban singer Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club), receiving a Latin GRAMMY nomination in the “Best Tropical Song” category. Gaby Moreno also produced six songs for Portuondo’s upcoming album set to be released later this year, featuring duets with Ruben Blades, Keb Mo, and Dionne Warwick.

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