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Ice Spice Drops Debut EP ‘Like..?’

Ice Spice drops 'Like..?' EP
Ice Spice. @icespicee_ On Twitter

The Bronx’s newest princess is making big moves. The “one hit wonder” Ice Spice is back with more hits! The rapper dropped her debut EP Like..? on January 20, and the munches and baddie friends are living for it! Ice Spice, 23, is bringing New York to the earbuds of people around the world.

Like..? was a surprise drop from Ice Spice and includes six songs. In addition to her viral hits “Munch (Feelin’ U),” “Bikini Bottom,” and “In Ha Mood,” she includes three new songs. The female drill rapper is slowly but surely showing how women can make drill rapping for them too. Subtracting all of the “rah rah,” Ice Spice brings the sexiness and femininity to drill music. Despite drill music being more harsh and about street life, she makes sure to not hush her femininity. And so, she lets it shine by unapologetically waving her long exaggerated french nails and twerking in her music videos!

Newest Songs On ‘Like..?’

“Princess Diana”

First and foremost, Ice Spice makes sure to address her new celebrity status in the second song of the EP, “Princess Diana.” The rapper quickly went from an underground Bronx rapper to a newbie in the music career receiving recognition from Drake who flew her out to OVO Fest. She’s now one of the industry’s most-talked-about artists. Because of this, people dub her as “this generation’s Princess Diana”.

“Nowadays, I be duckin’ them cameras
And they hype that I’m up on them banners
Callin’ my phone, but they know I don’t answer (Why?)
In the hood I’m like Princess Diana (Grrah)”

-Ice Spice “Princess Diana”

“Gangsta Boo”

Next, at number three on the EP, Ice Spice collaborates with another Bronx native, Lil Tjay. In the song “Gangsta Boo” Tjay and Spice rap over a sped up version of P. Diddy’s “I Need A Girl Part 2,” putting a drill spin on it. The “baddie” herself tells listeners how she always gets what she wants (and who). She raps about needing a “boo” who’s dangerous and has money, point blank period. When Lil Tjay comes in, he shows that he’s the “boo” she’s looking for.

“That lil’ n***a ain’t nothin’ like me (Me) and I’m definitely nothin’ like that n***a (What?)
Word around is your n***a can fight (Huh?) so you better tell him I clap n****s (Boom)”

Lil Tjay – “Gangsta Boo”

Ice Spice Is “Actin’ A Smoochie”

Even more, Spice has done a great job at adding new lingo to our vocabularies. So far she’s introduced “munch,” “maddie”, and in track number four, she talks about what it’s like to act like a “smoochie.” According to Urban Dictionary, a “smoochie” is a synonym for a “h*e.” In “Actin’ a Smoochie,” Ice Spice uses the male mindset that’s shown in hip-hop/rap today and flips it into a female perspective. She talks about “actin’ a smoochie” when she drinks liquor, and how she only keeps a man around on her own terms. Basically saying, she can get what she wants and leave a man in his place. Listening to that sure beats listening to men rap about using women!

“Rob his heart, b*tch, it’s a stick up (Stick up)
I can’t be fallin’ in love with a n***a (In love with a)
Pockets was small, they got bigger (Uh-huh)
You did me wrong, what I do? (What I do?)
Actin’ a smoochie when I’m off the liquor (Like)”

Ice Spice – “Actin’ A Smoochie”

Music To “Munch” On

Ice Spice "Munch"
Ice Spice “Munch” Single Cover Art

Lastly, Ice Spice’s down to earth personality and confidence is refreshing in a world full of faking for the camera. The originality of her signature “Munch” song is what made the artist stand out so much. She didn’t censor herself to make herself seem any better, she said what she meant and was herself. According to The New York Times: “In the wake of the success of “Munch,” Ice Spice signed to 10K Projects/Capitol Records, and had her first taste of financial success — “I got 2 milli for using a mic,” she posted online at one point.”

The New York lingo in her music also gives people from other places a refreshing new taste. Many people talk about how her music makes no sense or is non-influential. You can tell that Spice has fun making her music, and wants people to have a good time listening to it. It doesn’t have to mean much, as long as you can twerk to it like Spice does, we’re sure that’s all she hopes!

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