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Bryce Vine Recruits lovelytheband For “Miss You A Little”

New York-native Bryce Vine recruited indie-pop group lovelytheband for his latest single, the catchy “Miss You A Little.”

Bryce Finally Released the Tour’s Title Track!

“Miss You A Little” is not Bryce’s first song of the year. On the total opposite, he’s had quite a busy year already. Just in May, he released a two-song bundle titled Mixed Feelings, which features the tracks “Blame It On Me” and “The Game”. Earlier this year, he dropped the upbeat tune “Care At All.”

After having a great year dropping his solo songs, he has also been collaborating with a lot of fantastic artists. Among them, lands the likes of Fitz and The Tantrums, Blanco Brown, Shaylen, and brother sundance, just to name a few.

“Miss You A Little” is a special song for the musician, though. After all, he’s hitting the road this fall in the Miss You A Little Tour. So, the track that gives the tour its name is finally out!

“Miss You A Little” is a Special Song for Bryce

The new song is, as most of Bryce’s signature songs, sunny and catchy. Lovelytheband give it their own special sound as well, making the tune of the song flow spotlessly. The song is about going through a hard breakup where Bryce explains not being totally moved on from it. “I miss you a little all of the time. I say that I hate you, but you’re still on my mind. Every time we talk, I say that I’m fine. But I miss you a little all of the time,” he sings.

About the track, Bryce commented, “‘Miss You A Little’ is a song about what we all go through in the aftermath of breaking up. It’s that period of romanticizing the past through rose-colored glasses, but the reality of it is that maybe some of those memories weren’t all we thought they were. All that sad boy shit aside, it turns out ‘miss you a little’ really works as a good thing to name your tour after a year of no shows.”

If you are able to, make sure to catch Bryce on tour! It just kicked off on August 11 in Cleveland, Ohio. It will go on until September 24 when it reaches Provo, Utah. You can check out the list of full dates and get tickets here.

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