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Hits, Homes and Goodbyes: The Los del Espacio Saga

Argentina’s latest sensation is Los del Espacio. Formed by Maria Becerra, Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, LIT Killah, Rusherking, FMK and producer Big One, the group came together in 2020 during the pandemic. At the peak of the quarantine, they moved into a house together and began what can only be described as a beautiful chaos. It marked the beginning of one of Latin America’s major trends of 2023.

From Friendship to Fame

It all started with the friendship between LIT Killah, FMK, Rusherking and Tiago. They decided to move in together to make music and memories. Later, they’ll be joined by Maria Becerra & Emilia (both produced by Big One), and Duki (who knew LIT from the freestyle battles).

Los del Espacio’s home was a mansion with a swimming pool located in Núñez, Buenos Aires. It quickly became a safe place to escape from reality. Their first song was “Además de Mí (Remix),” performed by Rusherking, PZK, Killah, Duki and Maria Becerra. The song topped the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 and charted on the Billboard Global 200 at position 98. But the most significant release came two years later.

In June 2023, they dropped “Los del Espacio,” the song, which now has more than 320 million plays. Its five minutes and 38 seconds best represent the new scene of Argentina’s Latin urban. “Los del Espacio” debuted at number one on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100, being the fifth number one on the chart for María Becerra, Duki and Tiago PZK. It continued at its peak for three consecutive weeks. Globally, the song reached the top 40 on the Billboard Global 200, and the top 20 on its parallel Billboard Global Excl. US.

New Beginnings on the Horizon

Now, in February 2024, Los del Espacio has come to an end. The eight artists are no longer a group due to their individual work commitments, but they still plan to collaborate with each other.

That said, who knows what musical adventures lie ahead…

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