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Martin Garrix and Third Party Release New Track ‘Carry You’

Photo Credit: Beatport

As of Friday, February 16th, EDM phenom Martin Garrix collaborated with Third Party, Oaks and Declan J Donovan to release “Carry You.” Garrix debuted the track at last year’s Ultra Music Festival. It became an instant classic for Garrix fans who wanted an official release. The track features the classic Martin Garrix pulsing synths with Donovan’s and Oaks’ sky-high lyrics. “Carry You” makes listeners’ burdens dissolve while reminding them that even when “shadows swallow the sun, you won’t walk alone.” In other words, it reminds people to be resilient and be positive to anyone whose world is crumbling around them. 

Commenting on the new release, Oaks told EDM, “This world can be a really cruel and lonely place sometimes.” He said, “I know how it feels trying to find your way with an unbearable weight on your shoulders. That’s why I love ‘Carry You’ so much, because it feels like a warm hug to me. It makes me think of all the beautiful people that helped me through the darkness, all the shoulders that held up my world. This song reminds me of how safe you can feel in someone’s arms and how, with only their presence, they can make you forget about your pain for a moment.”

As the track is a big moment for Garrix and Third Party fans alike, it makes the EDM world realize that progressive house music is not dead just yet. This was also the first track the two collaborated on in seven years. They released “Lions In the Wild” back in 2016. The two also hope to continue collaborating in the future. If they do, they could make some legendary progressive house music. They’d appeal to EDM fans everywhere. Given this hit has only just been released, it will be interesting to see how big it becomes.

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