Hippo Campus Prepare for Third Album with “Boys”

Minnesotan indie-alt band, Hippo Campus, is back with their new single, “Boys.” Released on October 19th, “Boys” is the last song to have been completed for their forthcoming album, LP3, which releases February 4th. The single is a warm, inviting take on heartbreak and destruction. True to their craft, Hippo Campus have created a masterful track – one resembling a coming-of-age soundtrack.

“Boys” is the Perfect Introduction

In an interview with American Songwriter, Hippo Campus explain that “Boys” is the perfect introduction to their upcoming album. Zach Sutton says, “We go through these things in our lives and maybe growing up we didn’t think it was all that interesting. And I think we’ve realized that it’s not about how interesting it is; it’s about how you deal with it. Songwriting is just catharsis, so I think dealing with what you have to deal with is the right way to do it.”

Hippo Campus Gets Candid

“Boys” is an unusually vulnerable track for Hippo Campus. Their discography normally consists of riddle-like lyrics and catchy melodies. In the case of “Boys” however, the band sings directly of frontman Jake Luppen’s struggles with his own sexuality. Such a candid track requires a lot of work, says Sutton. He explains, “We all loved it and didn’t want to give up on it. It’s one of the more personal, direct songs on the record, telling Jake’s story of coming to grips with his queerness and finally talking about it in a song.”

Lyrical Mastery

With devastating lyrics like “Kissing boys, missing work, got hungover from your words / Same New York, it’s the worst, all these nights are a blur,” we see Luppen start a downward spiral. “Boys” is about coming to grips with the melancholy city life – and perhaps trying to hide from those vulnerable emotions. The single sounds like the prominent track off a coming-of-age film, and of course we are absolutely here for it at Music Daily.

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