December 06, 2022

Portugal. The Man Take Us Back to the 90s


A Trip Down Memory Lane for Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man recently announced their 2022 North American tour with Alt-J. To commemorate this, the indie-alt band take us back to the ’90s with covers of “Steal My Sunshine” and “Novocaine For The Soul.” The classic covers feature Cherry Glazerr and Sir Chloe, who are both acts on the upcoming tour. In a tweet, Portugal. The Man asks to take us on a trip “down memory lane” and thank Glazerr and Chloe for their features.

“Steal My Sunshine” is Smooth

“Steal My Sunshine,” the first of the two covers, was originally sang by Len and released in 1999. Featuring the smooth, silky vocals of lead vocalist Zoe Manville, the cover surpasses the greatness of its original. Clementine Creezy, lead singer of Cherry Glazerr, compliments Manville perfectly. “Steal My Sunshine” becomes a lively celebration of alternative indie, as well as a combination of two talented bands.


Portugal. The Man Gets Psychedelic on “Novocaine For The Soul”

Their second cover of Eel’s 1996 single, “Novocaine For The Soul” is just as entertaining. This track highlights the guitarist talents of both Portugal. The Man and the vocals of Sir Chloe.  Their cover of “Novocaine For The Soul” is livelier than the original, a feat akin to energy of most music by Portugal. The Man. They take the track into another, perhaps a psychedelic dimension. The track is Beatles-reminiscent, which of course means you need to give it a listen.

Building Up The Hype

It’s safe to say that Portugal. The Man is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on their tour with Alt-J. Featuring their opening acts on two singles is building up the hype, both for their undercard artists and the tour itself. Tickets for their upcoming tour can be bought now on the Alt-J and Portugal. the Man joint website. 

Here at Music Daily, Portugal. The Man’s covers are on repeat! What’s your opinion on them? Let us know in the comments!




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