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Hemlocke Springs Releases Her Newest Single, ‘Sever the Blight’

Hemlocke Springs has just released her newest song, “sever the blight,” along with an enchanting, captivating music video.

Hemlocke Springs and “Girlfriend”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Naomi Udu, better known as hemlocke springs, has taken TikTok by storm with her music. NME named her one of the NME 100 artists: 100 essential emerging artists for 2023. Most recently, her newest song, “sever the blight,” has both an ’80s synthpop sound and high falsetto which seem to dominate many of her songs.

According to Sam Rosenberg at Alternative Press, Udu created her stage name via a random name generator. She added the extra “e” at the end of “hemlocke” in honor of singer-songwriter Lorde.

Hemlocke springs’ first major song was “girlfriend,” back in November of 2022. She released the song on SoundCloud and TikTok. Consequently, thanks to her stellar lyricism, production, and singing, she garnered much viral success. Heven Haile at Pitchfork describes hemlocke springs in “girlfriend” as “the bratty bravado of Family Jewels-era MARINA and the springy falsetto of Kate Bush; the song’s buoyant electronics recall MGMT or Phoenix.”

Will She “sever the blight”?

With “sever the blight,” hemlocke springs sings about the push and pull of love. The chorus of the song expresses uncertainty over whether or not to wait for someone or to let go and walk away. She sings about the pain, hurt, and coldness from waiting. By the end of the song, it seems as though she still hasn’t made her mind up on whether or not to stay and wait or move on. Check out the chorus below:

Love is miles away
Will I still wait here?
My heart is yours to take
But I’ll still wait here for you

Watch the music video for “sever the blight” below, and make sure to stay tuned for all things hemlocke springs.

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