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Russ Goes Soft Rock With “Fire” 

Independent singer/rapper Russ drops more heat on May 5 with his new soft rock track, “Fire.” Russ has been creating and releasing hits consistently since his come-up in 2017. From bangers like “Losin’ Control” to his recent TikTok viral “NASTY,”Russ continues to put his versatility on display. 

“Fire” Review

“Fire” is experimental for Russ, in that it is outside of his R&B and rap lane. He sings heartfelt lyrics with pop melodies over a soft rock instrumental. The production by Aaron Paris and Russ on “Fire” is nothing short of profound. With a typical drum pattern, you hear in a soft rock instrumental, it sounds pretty mundane. “Fire” lacks an instrumental build-up and surprise factor. Russ sings in a mild falsetto on the post-chorus which we rarely see him tap into. 

As far as the lyrical content, “Fire” describes having intense feelings for someone. But, the relationship is far from perfect. Russ doesn’t live up to his partners’ standards, and he knows they deserve better. Ultimately, he doesn’t care to move on, since they have a magnetic attraction. 

A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

“You got something that I want, I desire / I got something that you need, I’m your fire.” Although fire can be dangerous and destructive, it can also be associated with comfort and warmth. Russ describes a relationship where he is the partner’s medicine and safety blanket. He lights up their world. But “fire” can also signify that he is toxic for them. Nonetheless, Russ believes they are a match. “I can’t lie, I used to think we goin’ nowhere / Now I know that I ain’t ever goin’ nowhere, yeah / Unless I’m goin’ to hell with you / Unless I’m goin’ to hell with you / With you, with you, with you, with you.”

Russ is certain about this person, despite the flaws in the relationship. And he is willing to put all his cards on the table. “Don’t you worry / Don’t you worry darlin’ / I’m all in, I promise (I’m all in).”

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