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Poppy Covers KITTIE’s Nu-metal Classic “Spit”

Poppy unleashes a cover of KITTIE’s 1999 nu-mental classic, “Spit,” will spell-binding vocal distortion and aggression.

The single follows April’s “Church Outfit” and its accompanying music video. The post-genre artist is teaming up with PVRIS on the ‘The Godless/Goddess‘ co-headlining summer tour for North America. Starting in Seattle, the tour will visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Houston, Pittsburgh and more. Get tickets here!

Although this isn’t her first foray into nu-mental (“I Disagree”), it’s something special when the KITTIE approves of the cover, commenting a mind-blown emoji under this Instagram post.

The “Spit” music video captures the single’s steampunk edge through visual technological malfunctions like static and glitches. In the midst of it all stands Poppy; the blonde, petite artist breaks through the chaos with futuristic hair, make-up and killer outfits.

Recently, Poppy announced her return to Sumerian Record label. Its founder, Ash Avildsen, shared his thoughts about the returning artist.

“The only thing more exciting than signing an iconic artist for the first time is signing them again, when they choose to return home. Poppy is a pioneer and lover of music, film, pro-wrestling, the unorthodox and the avant-garde. That is why I believe Sumerian is still the best label in the world for her. We are thrilled to have her back.”

Ash Avildsen, founder of Sumerian Record label

Her latest project was the Stagger EP, released in October 2022.

The Genre-Bending Music of Poppy

Those unfamiliar with Poppy’s music experimentation over her five-plus-year career, the artist left a stone unturned. Early on, she meshed with reggae fusion on “lowlife.”

Simply put, she is a subgenre specialist. Someone who pushes pop to its outer limits like bitpop’s “I’m Poppy,” J-pop’s “Moshi Moshi,” and psychedelic pop’s “Sick of the Sun.” She even stripped her synth-pop persona and went regular pop for Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears” soundtrack.

However, Poppy, who notably has a high-pitched voice, finds her strong suit in rock and metal subgenres. Initially, critics thought it was performative; however, Poppy is a music chameleon. Her lyrics raged with subversive societal ideals accentuated with aggressive vocal distortion.

Some highlight tracks include dance-rock’s “Am I A Girl?”, avant-garde metal “BLOODMONEY,” thrash metal’s “Scary Mask,” and grunge’s “Her.”

What do you think of Poppy’s cover of KITTIE’s nu-metal classic, “Spit”? Let us know in the comments!

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