Hauskey Travels Back In Time On “Cream Shirt”

Australian singer-songwriter Hauskey is back with his latest single and second song of the year, “Cream Shirt.”

Get to Meet Hauskey

Hauskey is a breakout Alternative/Indie artist that loves music and puts everything into his songs. “Cream Shirt” arrives as the follow-up to “Go Wrong,” which was just released in February. It already surpassed the 1 million streams milestone on Spotify.

With only six songs out, Andy Hopkins, better known as Hauskey, has already signed with Republic Records and is rapidly making his way up in the industry. 

In “Cream Shirt,” he sings about the feeling of enjoying life, being happy and free without having any clue that tragedy is going to come soon. “It’s hard to see the last day, I wish we had known. So much childish stuff I wish I’d outgrown. Found the cloud in the sky while it was still bright. You turned to me and said something like…I think it might be like this forever. Sitting in the sun on the grass. And you’re wearing nothing but that cream shirt. And then it all was gone so fast.”

“Cream Shirt” Examines Life Pre-Pandemic

“‘Cream Shirt’ is about loss, and the last oblivious and blissful day you had before you found out you’d lost it; a partner, a family member, a job, a pet, normal life pre-covid, whatever it is. The day before a traumatic or life-changing event is fascinating to me, you assume things will always be that way. And they never are, they come and go, so fast,” Hauskey explained of the song in a press statement.

“I wanted to capture the feeling of the last blissful day I had in the park, and how I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have,” he added on his Instagram announcement.

He released his debut EP Slow last year, and although there isn’t any news about another project in the works, it’s said that Hauskey plans to keep releasing music throughout the year.

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