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Usher Nabs 21 Savage, Summer Walker for New Single, “Good Good”

Usher is back with his second single in 2023, the vulnerable ballad “Good Good.” Enlisting Summer Walker and 21 Savage as features on it, the song gives the iconic singer the chance to flex his vocal skill once again. Just as well, the featured artists get an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone.

The official cover art for “Good Good.”

Following up the Valentine’s Day themed Glu earlier this year, Usher isn’t reinventing the wheel on this new track. Like you’ll find on most, if not all, of his discography, love is the topic at the hand. What is a bit different though is the stage he’s focusing on. “Good Good” details his struggles in navigating a post-breakup world. More specifically, it tackles how to manage the fact that he cares about his partner despite what they’ve gone through. Hence the title, which is derived from the chorus where he sings: “We ain’t good good / but we’re still good.”

Shining Features From Both 21 & Summer Walker

Summer Walker is next up after his verse, and with plenty of material about toxic relationships in her catalog, it’s a nice change of pace to hear her belt out lines about a far happier arrangement. “It don’t go forgotten, but we’re happier apart than locked in / No smoke with me, I promise, boy I don’t do drama.” If it needs to be said, Walker’s vocal performance here is stellar as always. And the emotional tenor of her verse is pitch perfect with what Usher sets up.

Last but certainly not least, we get 21 Savage. One of the breakthroughs on the rapper & Drake’s Her Loss was the tender and heartfelt “3AM on Glenwood.” In interviews leading up to that album’s release, both artists spoke about how they were eagerly waiting to see fan reactions to that track. A shift for 21, it gave audiences a window into a softer and more lowkey side of Savage. “Good Good” presents another opportunity to venture into that territory, and he doesn’t disappoint. Though he still manages to bring characteristic wit and subject matter, he promises continuing support for an ex given how they’ve been through ups and downs together.

As mentioned, “Good Good” is the second single from Usher this year. The singer has mentioned that he plans on releasing another album, his 8th, before the close of 2023. Though we don’t have an official release date yet, he’s sure to be busy either way- with a lengthy residence for Vegas planned in October. You can grab yourself tickets for that on his official website.

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