Grimes and Kpop Group Discuss AI

Grimes and Kpop group Aespa held a riveting conversation on the future of AI technology in the music industry. Rolling Stone journalist Kristine Kwak documented their discussion in a recent article.

In previous articles on Music Daily, we covered the debut of Grimes’ AI girl group, NPC. We also covered the AI-generated music ban for the Grammys. This time, we are covering artists expressing the importance of virtual worlds and AI technology in their music careers.

Aespa’s Covid Debut

The Kpop girl group Aespa debuted during the Covid lockdown era. The group initially performed in the “metaverse,” then later switched to live performances. Member of Aespa, Giselle, described this era of the group’s career as “very cyber.”

She also pointed out the similarities and differences in how her band and Grimes approach virtual performances: “And for you, it’s like you started doing live performances then went on to doing a lot more things on the metaverse. We are doing the same thing, but kind of in opposite directions, right?”

Aespa’s new EP, Drama, was released on November 10th. It is their latest step to be seen as real-world artists, rather than virtual. However, the band does not shrug off their roots in the cyber, y2k aesthetic that they are loved for.

The Drama EP is the fourth extended play by the group. It contains six tracks, including the lead single of the same name.

New Album From Grimes?

While Aespa already has new music out, Grimes is still working on their latest album. In the article, she says:

“It got held in limbo for a while, and then I started making a new album. My management is killing me because they’re like, ‘We have a whole album, why won’t you release it?’ I have a bunch of stuff coming up that I’m really, really excited about. I went through this process of labels, and there is always a lot of pressure to make the first single the most commercial thing, all this stuff. I’m trying to focus on the singles and the videos. I have my album and an AI album, and I’m going to make them compete.”

Grimes is full-on when it comes to ingraining AI into her music. She even released AI technology to allow her fans to make music with a voice that sounds like her. While many musicians express overwhelming concern for AI’s rise in music, she welcomes it.

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