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Gracie Abrams Shares “Where Do We Go Now?”

Rising singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams released her new single “Where do we go now,?” along with a debut album announcement.

‘Good Riddance’ Is Out On February 24

The news we’ve been waiting for! After patiently waiting for more than three years, Gracie Abrams fans will finally get a full-length album from the rising star. She took over to Instagram to share the news stating that the project will be titled Good Riddance. And it will officially come out on February 24.

“Writing this record allowed me to grow up in ways I needed to. It forced me to reflect and be accountable,” Gracie wrote in her announcement. “It allowed me to walk away from versions of myself that I no longer recognized. It allowed me to let go.”


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“Where do we go now?” Is The First Teaser

And we are already able to get a taste of what’s coming in the album, with the lead single: “Where do we go now?” “Where do we go now?” is a haunting, atmospheric track where Gracie feels like she’s in a fight with herself and her current lover. She expresses not feeling strongly about that person anymore, as her emotions have grown apart. But, at the same time, she knows that this person is good for her. Though, she is aware that she will miss them once everything comes to an end. 

“It was one-sided, hate how I hurt you. If I could, I’d have changed every feelin’. Reservations were up to the ceilin’. Guess the space was the thing that I needed. But I miss you,” are some of the soul-stirring lyrics in the song.

Gracie Is Heading On Tour This Spring

If “Where do we go now?” and an album announcement weren’t enough, Gracie also announced that she will be headlining a North American tour. Further, the Spring tour kicks off on March 7 in Chicago, and will take over multiple cities across the United States and Canada. These cities include: Montreal, Boston, Washington, Nashville, Dallas, and Vancouver. Then, she will wrap up on April 10 in San Francisco. Check out all the dates down below! To get your tickets, visit


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A post shared by Gracie Abrams (@gracieabrams)

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