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“GOSSIP” By Måneskin Featuring Guitarist Tom Morello

Måneskin just released their latest single from the upcoming, long awaited new album Rush!. “GOSSIP” is the band’s new hit, featuring nothing less than the iconic Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello.


@maneskin Via Instagram.

As we heard the gossips, so Måneskin did. From the relationship between Damiano, the singer, and Victoria, the bassist, to the drug addiction accusations, Måneskin are involved in multiple tales and stories.

And the band isn’t scared to make a song out of it. Between jokes and a serious critique to the industry and toxic “fans,” “GOSSIP” is Måneskin’s honest and direct way to discuss all the fake accusation they received during the years.

Rebel as never before, strong and aggressive, “GOSSIP” is Måneskin’s embracement of their origins and true-selves. After multiple ballad like latest “The Loneliest” and previous “Coraline” and “Torna A Casa,” “GOSSIP” returns to the band’s typical and characteristic up tempo tone. With an initial growing guitar that recalls their original hit “Zitti E Buoni,” the new single honours the band’s main features. An example are the strong bass and guitar lines, that accompany the angry and provocative lyrics.

The song also sees the presence of rock legend, iconic guitarist and Rage Against The Machine member, Tom morello. “GOSSIP” includes Tom Morello’s signature style guitar lines and guitar solos


Rush! will finally see the light on January 20, 2023. In its multiple shapes (standard, white, red and picture disc vinyl, special box sets, CDs and much more), the album will include 17 songs. These includes the previous releases and incredible hits “Mamma Mia,” “Supermodel” and “The Loneliest.” More recent “La Fine” and latest “GOSSIP” are included as well.

However, in such a large tracklist, the only thing that has left the fans dry-mouthed is the lack of songs in Italian (with the exception of “La Fine” and “Il Dono Della Vita”). Characteristic trait of the band, some claim that it was precisely what distinguishes them and differentiates them from other artists.
We are sure that their incredible music will be able to fill the – subjective – lack of Italian music.

Måneskin will release the album following a dream year. With their LOUD KIDS TOUR, which has accompanied them from Europe to the United States and which has also given several soldout dates.
It was during this tour that the band first played one of Rush!‘ unreleased singles, “Kools Kids,” the ninth song on the upcoming album’s track list.

  • Own my mind
  • GOSSIP feat. Tom Morello
  • Timezone
  • Bla Bla Bla
  • Baby Said
  • Gasoline
  • Feel
  • Don’t Wanna Sleep
  • Kool Kids
  • If Not for You
  • Read Your Diary
  • Mark Chapman
  • La Fine
  • Il Dono della Vita
  • Mammamia
  • Supermodel
  • The Loneliest
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