Glass Animals Top Charts, Release Videos, & Sell Out Tours

If there is one thing we know about Glass Animals, it’s that they are unforgettable. Musically, visually, personally, and professionally, this band is making sure to burn themselves into your memory. Sure, it has meant taking over the alt airwaves and having to pixelate nude music videos. Although, we don’t think that’s quite a bad thing when the music is so good. 


The Only Way Is Up For Glass Animals

Bands hailing from overseas, such as the United Kingdom, have always made a mark on the music industry. Whether you’re looking at boy bands like One Direction or rock bands like the Rolling Stones, the UK has had some pretty notable acts take the world by storm. Glass Animals are clearly on a mission to be no different. 


Last year, the band released Dreamland, their third studio album. The chart-topping rock record was adored by fans and critics alike. Engaging soundscapes and youthful stylings allowed everyone to have at least one favorite song. If you haven’t found yours yet, “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” might be it. Glass Animals released this song, originally off Dreamland, earlier this month as a new single with music video. 


They have found global support in their artistic endeavors. Glass Animals are quirky, captivating, and wholeheartedly passionate about making music. The fact that they are still crafting visuals for songs that have been out over a year proves they have their hand on the pulse of the industry. They see their rise in fame and are holding onto it with even more creativity. 


2020-2021: Glass Animals’ Peak

Glass Animals have seen the rise mostly over the last year. Whether it’s thanks to Dreamland, videos like “Space Ghost Coast To Coast,” or collaborations with the likes of Iann Dior, it’s working for them. 

Their biggest single to date, also off Dreamland, is “Heat Waves.” This track has well over half a billion streams online. Yes, that’s 500 million streams and counting! They also cracked Top 40 radio (also coming in at No. 1 on alternative charts) and garnered themselves a TikTok trend, as well. It only makes sense that the second this band announced a tour, it sold out. 

North American fans of Glass Animals can catch the band live on tour later this summer. They are starting the Dreamland Tour in New York and have over six months of dates and locations lined up for afterward. With such a widespread fan base and such a need for live music, the Dreamland Tour saw immense success. For these upcoming shows, Glass Animals sold out over 130,000 tickets in just three days.(This doesn’t even include their stops at top tier music festivals, such as Bonnaroo.)


More Memorable Than Ever

Glass Animals are, without a doubt, solidifying their place in modern rock music. Their sound is fun, their work is catchy, and their aesthetic is unforgettable. Every little aspect of this band seems off-the-wall, but it draws you in. These UK rockers use their personality, humor, and complex interests to build this career. Their latest music video for “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” is the epitome of just that. 

This brand new video and single version of the Dreamland original is beyond trippy. It is bewildering as much as it is entertaining. Droning beats back the electronic sounds and shiny guitars of “Space Ghost Coast To Coast.” All the while, lead singer Dave Bayley is using his voice to dabble in rap, dive head first into alt rock, and tell a story. What is the story? We’re not quite sure, but a press release let’s us a little further into the Sims-esque music video. 

“‘Space Ghost’ is about someone I knew growing up in Texas…we drifted apart when I moved away at 13, but I found out a few years later he did something truly awful. The lyrics of the track are just wondering what makes someone change so much from being an innocent kid to someone who can even consider doing what he did. It talks about how in the 2000’s, violent video games and lyrics were blamed by the media for that type of misbehaviour in teenagers…but really I think there were much bigger societal problems at play. The video is a twist on those video games.”

“Every video we have made in the last year has been made in peak lockdown…we had to get creative. In this case, Max came up with the idea that he could film me dancing in the park while sitting in his apartment. He was giving me direction the whole time via phone in my earbuds. It starts there and gets more and more surreal,” Bayley explains with a laugh.

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