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Pale Waves Deliver “Jealousy”

English indie-rock band Pale Waves released their latest single “Jealousy,” and announced their upcoming studio album.

Unwanted is Arriving This August!

Pale Waves are coming strong this year! So far, they have released the singles “Lies,” “Reasons to Live,” and now, the electrifying “Jealousy.” But that’s not all – along with this release, they announced that their upcoming studio album Unwanted will be released on August 12, and all of these songs form part of it!

With a total of 13 songs, Unwanted will feature other unreleased tracks like “The Hard Way,” “Without You,” “Only Problem,” and “Act My Age.” We can’t wait to hear them all!

Pale Waves Are Proud of “Jealousy”

“Jealousy” is the perfect song to give us a taste of the album. The track is fiery, honest, and powerful, and let us see what Pale Waves has been working on. The song simply talks about being proud of feeling jealous when that special person is not with you, because that means that you truly care about them.

“It never ends. Look at the shade of my еyes. And I won’t pretend. And I won’t apologisе. I’ve gotta have you, gotta have you to myself. Why would I want anybody else? In my defense, jealousy’s my best friend,” the chorus states.

“Some may see it as ridiculous,” Pale Waves’ Heather Baron-Gracie says. “But I love a bit of jealousy – not too much, but just enough… I want jealousy in a relationship because it shows me the person only has eyes for me and me only. The album dives into feelings that I felt not only needed to be written but I felt like our fans want to hear,” she adds. “Almost everyone has felt like they don’t belong, or has been made to feel like they’re not good enough. That’s a consistent theme that I’m seeing from our fans – that their family doesn’t approve of them, or their friends have disowned them because they’ve come out. So Unwanted had to be honest, provocative and loud. Not only thematically, but in the music as well.”

Last year, Pale Waves teamed up with All Time Low for the staggering single “PMA.” Check it out!

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