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Lily Rose is in Full Bloom

Rising country music star Lily Rose is joining Shania Twain on tour this fall. Before you see her live, learn more about the groundbreaking artist in our profile below.

New Era of Music Discovery

Lily Rose, like superstar rap artist Lil Nas X, posted her music on TikTok in an effort to get noticed. Get noticed she did, as her songs “Villain,” “Overnight Sensation,” and “Remind Me Of You” launched her career via the popular app. “Villain” is the song that changed everything, and it remains a fan favorite since she released her debut single in 2020.

Her music doesn’t stick to the typical country song blueprint. She incorporates rhythm and blues alongside traditional country elements, remninscient of Nelly’s 2021 album Heartland. Her own 2021 album Stronger Than I Am showcases her ability to blend genres and break new ground within country for more than one reason.

Also like Little Nas X, Lily Rose is redefining her chosen genre’s identity. The country star identifies as gay and has been out and proud since before her career even started. This past March, she married her longtime girlfriend. Though country has a history of out gay artists, most recently Orville Peck, it is still in need of more voices like Lily Rose’s. She had this to say on the matter.

“It’s really cool for the LGBTQ+ community: they’re seeing themselves for the first time in country music, and it’s really special,” Rose says. “I just want to keep putting songs out that people feel really connected to. I want to put on live shows that make people feel inspired, gathered, seen, happy – everything that music has done for me. I hope I can be that for more than one person.”

Nashville Lifestyles

Lily Rose is on a Roll

Not only is Shania Twain a fan, but Diplo is as well. Lily Rose’s most recent single comes in the form of a collab with the world famous DJ. Titled “Sad in the Summer,” the track came out this past April. If the tune is any indication of where the country artist’s music is headed, her fans are in for some exciting new stuff.

You can listen to Lily Rose’s singles and her album on your favorite streaming platforms. You can purchase tickets to see her and Shania Twain via their official websites.

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