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Shania Twain with Triple Threat Performance Announcement

Instagram @shaniatwain. Photographed by @louiebanksshoots.

Queen of Me Tour Spanning Eight Months

For five years, Shania held a spot in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood constantly performing. Soon, immediately after wrapping up her residency in September, Shania released “Waking Up Dreaming.” Since releasing a new single in October 2022, the song was featured in her documentary, Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl out on Netflix now. Afterwards, she released a few more singles, and, finally, the album, Queen of Me, earlier this month.

This April, the country legend will perform her sixth studio album during her world tour starting. Not ending until November, Shania Twain will travel internationally for 35 of her tour dates, nearly half of her tour. Consequently, Shania will return home to Canada for a number of those concerts.

Presently, opening for Shania on tour is Lily Rose! Surprisingly, the up-and-coming country star only recently started in country music, having moved to Nashville only six years ago. Accordingly, she’ll be performing her latest hits.

Second Leg of Tour Added onto Queen of Me Tour

In addition, Shania Twain extended her tour to be one of the largest yet after fans demanded there be more dates. Before even beginning, the international tour sold out in 21 locations, convincing Shania to extend.

June 2023 Nashville Concert

Rather pleasantly, Kelsea Ballerini and Breland will join Shania Twain on the stage for a one-night debut. Firstly, it’s an understatement to say that Kelsea Ballerini is ecstatic to be joining Shania Twain on stage. Markedly, at the 2022 Grammy’s, Kelsea wore the same dress Shania Twain wore to the 1999 Grammy’s. Undeniably, after bringing the dress out from the closet after 23 years, the homage was an obvious hint towards their future partnership. Secondly, Ballerini isn’t the only fan of Shania. Unquestionably, Shania Twain’s style and 90s country groove inspired Breland’s song, “Natural,” which included a sample of Shania in the beginning. Breland proudly stated that since so many country artists have been sampling male singers recently, he wanted to recognize the women who revolutionized country as well.

Soon enough, Shania’s concert will be on June 7th in Nashville, TN at the Geodis Park Soccer Stadium. Indeed, with ticket prices reaching nearly $2,000, the show is highly sought after and nearly sold out.

Spring Tour Dates

Summer Tour Dates

Fall Tour Dates

Shania wishes all fans that while she is the “Queen of Me, You be the Queen of YOU!”

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