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THE BLSSM Says “NOT TODAY” to Bad Luck

Rising alternative/indie pop artist THE BLSSM released their latest single “NOT TODAY,” following up on “DIZZY.”

THE BLSSM’s Music is Energetic and Vivid

If you haven’t listened to THE BLSSM’s music yet, you better get to it! Especially if you are into alternative and indie music. This artist is always looking for new ways to express themself through music, and none of those songs sound the same or talk about the same topics.

In February, THE BLSSM released their first single of the year “DIZZY,” which was energetic and vivid. Now,  back with “NOT TODAY,” another banger that talks about not letting bad things that happen around you, let your day get ruined and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what.

“I got Jordan 9s that I didn’t steal. At least half the time I like the way that I feel. I lost my wallet and I lost my keys. My AC is broken. It’s a hundred degrees…When I ask myself if it’s going to be a bad day, I say. Na-na-nana, na-na-nana, na, na, not today,” THE BLSSM sings.

Her Dad Helped Produce “NOT TODAY”

“‘NOT TODAY’ echoes both my day-to-day triumphs and anguish,” THE BLSSM explains. “It was written about the small nuances of joy I thieve, collect and steal to keep in my pocket to get me through an ever rat-race agenda of wanting more, wanting everything, and wishing. Sonically, it captures my influences retold and revived into my own sonic palette.”

She continues, “With production from my dad Mark Lizotte, Suzy Shinn and written alongside Nick Long – these people being all close to my heart – the song was written with intimacy and celebration and feels like a pure extension of my personality. If I had my own TV show, this would be the theme song.” Keep in mind her father is a rock guitarist. Mark Lizotte still releasing music on Mammoth Records.

In addition, “NOT TODAY” comes alongside the announcement of a new EP, PURE ENERGY, set to arrive on April 29 via Fueled By Ramen.

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