Róisín Murphy Shares New Single from Upcoming Album

Assimilating Into The Crooked Machine

Róisín Murphy is an Irish art-pop star and producer. She just released her first single from her upcoming pop album, Crooked Machine.

“Assimilation” is her new release and it’s a dreamy, long-form track with a disco beat. It is almost seven minutes long and features a repetitive chorus. Along with the strong beat, it is peacefully hypnotic. Dancers are encouraged to sway to the song rather than stomp along to it. The latter is a dance style commonly found within the singer-songwriter’s other dance hits.

No music video has been released for this new single, but when Róisín Murphy does drop one, we are sure that the visuals will compliment the vibe. The song alone is blissfully cool to listen to. Presently, there is only the official audio. In it, text shakes back and forth, but not much else happens visually. Luckily, the song holds its own.

Reintroducing Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy is a singer-songwriter and record producer originally from Ireland. She debuted in 1994 as a member of the UK-Irish duo, Moloko. The group was formed with her partner at the time and  they released multiple Top 10 singles. Unfournately, this was only within United Kingdom until the 1999 Boris Dlugosch remix of their song “Sing It Back.” This song became an international hit.

The duo parted ways in 2004. The following year, though, Murphy returned to music. As a solo artist, she released her debut album, Ruby Blue. It was a critically-acclaimed hit and the record kick-started her career as a queen of the art-pop genre.

Three years later, the star released her sophomore album, Overpowered. Once again, she had a critically-acclaimed hit on her hands that was an even bigger commercial success. Murphy quickly proved that she and her music had staying power. Fans were selling her CDs out in stores overseas.

However, after Overpowered, she took a hiatus. This break from art lasted eight years until her return in 2015. She came back better than ever with an album titled Hairless Toys. It was then that she continued her streak of hits.

She may be a fixture in Britian’s dance club scene, but Róisín Murphy’s popularity has yet to make it across the pond. She deserves it with the work she puts in, though. With this new single, “Assimilation,” out now, she has another chance of U.S. success. We hope that her upcoming record, Crooked Machine, finally lands her music in American clubs – once they reopen, of course.

Crooked Machine is out on April 30. You can pre-order it now.

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