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Devon Again Says It’s “All My Fault”

Rising alt-popstar Devon Again is back (again) with her latest single, “All My Fault.” The 21-year old has been climbing her way to fame with the help of Tik Tok. And she’s been teasing this release on the app for some time now. Earlier this month, she posted a clip of the song letting fans know to get ready because she says it “happens to be my favorite thing I have ever made.” And if you’re anything like me, after watching the video your next google search will be for royal blue hair dye.

The Soundtrack to Self-Sabotage

“All My Fault” is the third single release from Devon Again. She released two singles in 2021, the bouncy yet edgy “Suburbia” and the anti-Hollywood anthem “Burn Down“. But this new track seems to go deeper than her previous releases. “All My Fault” is the soundtrack to self-sabotage. “picked up smoking cos’ I got bored/ I act surprised when my throat gets sore,” she sings. And despite the themes of harsh self-realization, Devon sings along to the spunky track with a smile on her face. “thought that God was out to get me/ turns out that I don’t have faith/ swimming in my skin it gets so ugly and there’s no one else to blame.”

Devon herself said of the song, “I had a super super annoying realisation that I was in charge of my own life and most of the hurt I was feeling was no ones fault but my own.” With the release of “All My Fault” Devon Again has earned spots on Spotify’s popular “Lorem”, “Fresh Finds” and “young & free” playlists. So don’t be surprised when she becomes a big name in a few months’ time.



If you want to learn more about Devon Again, check out our Featured Artist profile on her. There you can dive deeper into her previous releases, “Suburbia” and “Burn Down.” And make sure to stay up to date with our Drops section for new releases from today’s hottest artists.

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