Dorian Electra Announces Fanfare World Tour

Hot on the heels of the release of Fanfare, Dorian Electra has announced a world tour. The visionary icon will be bringing their experimental-pop sound to 36 states, Europe and the UK.

A New Era

Each of their albums sees a radical shift, with Electra embodying an entirely new persona. On Fanfare, Electra explores fandom and fame through a bashful mash of heavy beats, EDM stabs and rattling guitar licks. Alongside their experimental sound, Electra makes cheek-in-tongue comments on celebrity culture and the Internet. Their witty flair for irony continues to be a staple in the new album, albeit with a new sound. Dorian will be bringing this latest evolution of their sound on tour, with tickets now available on their website.

A grand total of 8 different acts will be performing alongside Electra: Uffie, Club Eat, Babymorocco, Frost Children, The Hellp, atlgrandma, Thoom and Izzy Spears. Each act reflects different snippets of Dorian Electra’s ever-changing sound, whether it be Club Eat with their deconstructed club beats or the more laid-back pop of atlgrandma. The hyperpop sibling duo Frost Children will be opening for 10 of Electra’s shows. This won’t be the first time the two acts collaborate. Lulu and Angel Prost of Frost Children recently remixed Electra’s Freak Mode, putting an experimental spin on the hyperpop-meets-rock track.                                                                                                                                                          

Fame & Fandom

In an interview with People Magazine, Electra explains that Fanfare explores fame, fandom, the Internet, the cult of celebrity, the industrial production of celebrity under capitalism and how “fandom is the new religion.” Fanfare continues the trend of touching on all sorts of personalities and societal issues, wrapped in a blanket of witty irony and asking important questions about performance along the way.

Why does everybody wanna be somebody?
Tell me why does everybody wanna be a star?
Why does everybody wanna be a star?

“Wanna Be A Star” by Dorian Electra

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