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Florence + The Machine Releases Riveting “Heaven Is Here”

Florence Welch by Ina LekiewiczFlorence + The Machine Continues to Cement Herself As an Icon

Florence Welch, the woman behind the thunderous Florence + The Machine, has long been an artist with a powerful voice and penmanship brilliantly full of realities.  The English singer and songwriter has a rich one-of-a-kind voice that she delivers with control and emotion.  She is a musician of a generation and, no doubt, one of the most iconic artists of the past decade.  Now, Welch is beginning her next chapter as she releases another single from her fifth, yet-to-be-named, studio album.  Following the debut single “King” – a powerful take on her career as a changing woman – we have “Heaven Is Here.”

She Brings Energy With a Tightness

Describing the newest single on Instagram Welch says, “I wanted to make something monstrous. And this clamor of joy, fury and grief was the first thing that came out.”  The single is full of primal energy.  Stating that the single was the first to come from this new era, you feel the pent-up energy exuding from this song.  In it, the nuanced instrumentals are met with sporadic yells and lip trills.  As Welch said, the song is quite monstrous.  However, not in a full-throttle way.  The intensity is kept from growing out of control but absolutely felt.  It feels tenderly grandiose.

Welch keeps the same energy in her voice.  With “Heaven Is Here” she strays away from the exceptionally thunderous let-go she often features in her songs.  This time, she brings that energy, but with a tightness.  Each short verse creeps in with more energy than the one before.  With every line, she boldly tells how she has the power to love her partner, but also completely control him.  This song is a warning and a mere glimpse at the ferocity she holds. In the music video for the track, Welch and her dancers embody this as they unleash and constrain their force throughout each scene.

Together, with “King,” Florence + The Machine is set up to once again, have another exhilarating project in their Discography.

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