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Fivio Foreign Samples “Rocketeer” on New Single


On July 8th, drill rapper Fivio Foreign released a new single “Paris To Tokyo” featuring singer/rapper The Kid Laroi. This single arrives exactly three moths after the release of his debut album B.I.B.L.EThe new record is no different stylistically from other songs in Fivios discography. As a matter of fact, on Fivios debut album he raps over different 2000’s samples in tracks such as “City Of Gods,” “Whats My Name,” “World Watching” and “Love Songs.”  He stays true to his roots in drill music and makes the tracks his own.

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Sample Interpolation

“Paris To Tokyo” interpolates 2010 smash hit “Rocketeer” by the hip-hop group Far East Movement. “Rocketeer” features Ruff Loaderz and Ryan Tedder from pop band One Republic. Laroi delivers a melodic chorus where he raps about spoiling his girl, and he admits to his player ways but things are different in his relationship with her. In only verse in the song, Fivio raps about how his girl is ride or die. He also traces back to the moment he met her in 2009, then touches on their fun and sex filled relationship.

Music Video

In the music video, Fivio Foreign and The Kid Laroi are in what appears to be an empty parking garage. The setting is dark with cars passing by them as they rap.

Click the link below to check out the official music video here.

The song “Paris To Tokyo” has two choruses with one verse and the lyrics have no meaning or impact. The only part of the track that is memorable, is the sample.

2000’s Sample Trend

With that being said, the past year, it has become a trend to interpolate songs from the 2000s into todays records. We have seen this popular trend with many recent hits like “First Class” by Jack Harlow, “Shake It” by Kay Flock ft. Cardi B. “First Class” incorporates sample from Fergie’s “Glamorous,” while “Shake It” includes sample from “Belly Dancer” by Akon.

Many artists succeed and do the samples justice. For example,  “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj interpolates a sample from “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. Anaconda became a smash hit and arguably is as great as the sample. Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” sampled Chi-Lites’s 1970 song “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So).” Minaj and Beyonce put their own spin on these iconic hits, and made a song that is uniquely their own using these samples.

However, recently many artists when using samples, have not been putting a creative and artistic spin on the songs, when using samples. Artists use samples almost as a cheat code, because these 2000’s songs are incredibly nostalgic and significant to so many people. As a result, many are then likely to check these songs out that use the samples. They are curious to see how their favorite throwbacks are used in todays music. Unfortunately, some are disappointed, because the song turns out mediocre at best. In turn, young adults and kids don’t grasp the significance of these samples.


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