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First Aid Kit Drops New Album ‘Palomino’

Swedish folk duo and sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, known as First Aid Kit, release their latest Americana album Palomino.


Despite the album was written, recorded and produced in Sweden – native country of the duo – it was still highly influenced by First Aid Kit latest years in the US. It is no clue that Americana music is the band’s biggest inspiration and focus – especially considering singles like “Emmylou”, a tribute to the one and only Americana queen, Emmylou Harris. In this term, fifth studio album Palomino doesn’t go far from previous releases like Ruins and even 2014 Stay Gold.

However, upbeat music differentiates Palomino from precedent releases. In the new album, strings are often present, and hints to rock are introduced as well. Although, the centrality of folk is still maintained.

The duo went on their accounts to welcome the release of the album. “Straight from our hearts to yours,” they said, enlightening the introspective aspect Palomino.

“We are immensely proud of this record and we had such a joyous experience making it. To us, it symbolises freedom and moving forward. Like the imagery of the Palomino riding off into the unknown, we hope these songs will give you inspiration and solace wherever they find you.”

“We’ve Grown Up”

Thematically, Palomino maintains the introspective self analysis and critique First Aid Kit already presented. However, in the latest a more mature and aware approach is the key. “We’ve grown up,” says Klara Söderberg, the younger sister commenting the album. She adds: “As we get older, the music is more about having fun and being positive… like a palomino riding through the desert.” It’s certainly evident that the two singer-songwriters grew, presenting a different type of self-analysis in their Palomino. Similarly, what is still present after the years since The Big Black and the Blue, is that the content is anything but “fun.” Despite the lighter introspection, a line of sadness is still central in Palomino.

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