Fickle Friends Share Holiday Single “My Favourite Day”

Fickle Friends only keep on surprising us. The rising band always make sure to demonstrate their versatility and never fail to release new music in a timely manner. Just two weeks ago, they released the sunny track “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” and now, they are back with a new holiday single, “My Favourite Day.”

“My Favourite Day” Will Make You Nostalgic

Fickle Friends didn’t want to wait until the release of their upcoming album Are We Gonna Be Alright? Which is coming out in January. Instead, they decided to get into the Christmas spirit and release an original holiday song. “My Favourite Day” is a sweet track that brings back the memories that the members of the band had when they were kids. “I love those silly fights. As we’re hanging all the lights. Cos my dad will say the tackier the better. And somebody always knows. Every punchline, every joke. All the words to all the films on the TV,” are some of the lyrics in this emotional song.


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Frontwoman Natti Shiner explained her experience writing the new track. “Have you ever tried writing a Christmas song? It’s actually very hard! When we were trying to think of a good concept we kept coming back to our own memories of past Christmases. The funny little quirks of family traditions, and things that went wrong one year. We asked our fans to send in some of their own stories and we pieced together a narrative from all of those. ‘My Favourite Day’ is sprinkled with anticipation, excitement, and nostalgia, everything we wanted to add into the mix for a FF Christmas song.”

And they surely did an amazing job! The lyricism in the new song is just amazing. If you haven’t yet, or just want to get nostalgic while you remember the stuff you used to do as a kid during Christmas, go listen to “My Favourite Day” by Fickle Friends. I know it got me shedding a tear or two!

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