Fickle Friends Release “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

British indie-pop band Fickle Friends released their latest single “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” The song arrives on the heels of their latest EP Alone, released in October.

Fickle Friends Get Ready for a New Album

Fickle Friends have been sharing a lot of new music this year. They started off the year right by releasing the first part of the two-part EP series Weird Years in January and released its follow-up in May. Making it clear that they still had more music to share with their fans, they dropped the single “Love You to Death” in September, and “Alone” in October.

Now, Fickle Friends released another brand new single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” which will form part of the band’s upcoming album Are We Gonna Be Alright? set for release in January of next year. The album will include fan-favorite songs such as “Glow” and “IRL,” alongside brand new tracks like “Glow” and “Not Okay.”

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” sets the path perfectly for Fickle Friends to get fans excited for the album. The indie-pop track is chill, sunny, and easy to sing along to. It is also relatable, as the song talks about not feeling inspired to do anything and feeling like nothing in the world matters. “Where is my purpose. These days are endless. Counting them one by one. End of the month. What have I done. Nobody needs me,” Natti sings.

Expressing Their Frustrations on “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

Natti Shiner says of the track, “We spent the last year feeling a little lost. It was like being in limbo, constantly waiting for something to change. This song is a bit of an ARGHHH moment in what was a truly confusing time for us as a band. I remember thinking how endless it felt. Making this record gave us purpose but we had no idea if anyone would still care at the end of it all.”

She continues, “With that in mind, we kinda thought, what the fuck, let’s just go crazy and explore the heavier side of our music. I think it’s like the musical equivalent of hitting a punching bag to release your frustrations!”

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