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If you are looking for the perfect mix between Taylor Swift‘s penmanship and Kacey Musgraves‘s sound, you will find Savannah Conley right in the middle.

Savannah is a 24-year-old singer from Nashville, so, consequently, she would be a country star. However, her recent music shies away from staple production and lyrical tactics and opts for a more mainstream approach. Well-known producer Dave Combs compared the country artist to Mazzy Star. He said, “She really reminds me of a southern Mazzy Star, and I was blown away with her lyrics”. In 2016, Conley was a recipient of the John Lennon singer-songwriter award. Currently, the singer with Low Country Sound.

Her latest EP, “Surprise, Surprise”, shows diary-like lyrics and indie-inspired arrangements. “Surprise, Surprise” is a tale of nostalgic heartbreak, yet Savannah Conley turns it into pure bliss.

“Surprise, Surprise” by Savannah Conley

The title track, “Surprise, Surprise”, is the most sparse but dreamy off the EP. The music video shows the singer taking a nighttime stroll through a town. Guitar strings solemnly open the track, with Savannah’s breathy vocals following. “Walking me home after dark / Telling me that I look beautiful /Everything that I’ve been dying to hear / Ever since I was only a girl”, Savannah sings. Once the chorus finishes, the song explodes into a bright chime that has you seeing stars– it’s beautiful, sweet, and charming. As she finishes the final chorus, she sings, “Everything hurts when it comes to love / Everything bleeds when it’s cut / Surprise, surprise, it hurts”. The beautiful yet simple lyrics show a straightforward songwriter who doesn’t shy away from honesty. For how much this song is heartbreaking, it is nice to play while stargazing!

“Being Around You” by Savannah Conley

Seemingly, the music video for “Being Around You” was shot around the same time as “Surprise, Surprise” because Savannah is wearing the same jacket. However, the intro track is distinctively a different soundscape, including angsty bass and drums. While the songstress talks about her past relationship, we quickly learn it wasn’t so sweet. She sings, ” Got a bottle of that drink you like / Never liked the taste at all / Tastes like rubbing alcohol”. So, why does she continue to drink it? Because it reminds her of him. Her voice grows a bit husky on the chorus, “Tired of being around you / When I’m not with you, I go on, too”. And, as the electric guitars sound, it’s obvious that Savannah is in a loop of nostalgic love. In the final chorus, the drums double-down with the guitars steady behind as Savannah lets out her frustration and screams.

This song is necessary and a sure standout of Savannah Conley’s EP. So, if you need a quick “venting” session, this is for you. (We’ve all been there).


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