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Charlie Puth recruits Sabrina Carpenter for “That’s Not How This Works”

Charlie Puth just dropped his latest work! The singer recruited singer and pop icon Sabrina Carpenter for this new project “That’s Not How This Works,” However, it isn’t what you might expect it to be!

“That’s Not How This Works”

Charlie Puth light switch

Pennsylvania singer and songwriter Sabrina Carpenter has been all over TikTok with her single “Nonsense” and her creativity is always changing final verses that she performs at her gigs… Charlie Puth is the king of the platform and its users, with which he regularly “collaborates” to create – and promote – his next singles. However, this time the duo hasn’t come together for a music project. The artist recently released his latest album Charlie Be Quite!. The album includes hits like “Charlie Be Quite!” and TikTok favorite “Light Switch.” It also includes “Left And Right” featuring K-Pop icon and BTS member Jung Kook. After his music work, the perfect-pitch singer dropped a – surprising – short film, “That’s Not How This Works.”

“The – video – that healed me”

Starting with the quote from Aldous Huxley, “Everyone’s memory is their own private literature,” the film is a representation of the two sides of love. After going though a harsh breakup, in 2020 Charlie Puth decided to release a project to express all his emotions at once. In the film, he discusses how there isn’t always a right and a wrong side, and that at times also beautiful and genuine things might end even when both are trying.

Puth first released “That’s Not How This Works” as a song. “It was the song that healed me,” said the artist in a statement published on his Instagram profile. Regarding the video, he added: “I went through many changes musically in my life, but always kept this song in my back pocket because I knew how special it was.” He explained that, of all the 34 music videos he made, they “rarely feel like they say the whole truth about a song. There’s always more to say, and it’s usually just outside the music.”

Charlie Puth went to his YouTube and Instagram account and added:

It was after all the song that propelled me into the next phase of my life. It was the song that healed me. With all of these feelings that I hadn’t come face to face with before, I finally mustered up the courage to put a melody against them. When you listen to this song, I hope you feel what I felt when I wrote it- a sense of relief.

It’s more in the moments, and that’s how my brain has always processed things – finally, I was able to make something to recreate truly what this song means to me. I cannot wait for you to hear it. But first, you have to watch the movie – I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

He also thanked Sabrina Carpenter for her participation in the project:

Thank you endlessly to Sabrina Carpenter, for your trust and immense talent – you carried us. Thank you for your brilliant portrayal of this character. You are so unbelievably multitalented. That’s Not How This Works is out everywhere! Thank you.

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