Rob Grant and Lana Del Rey Are ‘Lost At Sea’

"'Lost At Sea' is the reason I made my share music that can bring some peace and calm to a very anxious world."

Lana Del Rey lends vocals to father Rob Grant’s new single, “Lost At Sea,” ahead of debut his album. It is the fifth single from the forthcoming project, following the release of “Setting Sail On A Distant Horizon,” “Poetry Of Wind And Waves,” “The Mermaid’s Lullaby” and “Deep Ocean Swells.” Rob Grant’s debut album, Lost At Sea, is out on June 9 via Decca Records.

More surprisingly, the Budapest Art Orchestra adds an opulent soundscape to the track co-written by Del Rey and Grant. The father of international icon Lana Del Rey, enlists a range award-winning talent contributing to Lost At Sea in many forms. His daughter co-helms the writing credits while production credits include Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk, and Zach Dawes.

“Lost At Sea” by Rob Grant (featuring Lana Del Rey)

Speaking about “Lost At Sea,” Rob Grant said, “‘Lost At Sea’ is a deeply emotional and ethereal song. It combines the beautiful vocals of Lana Del Rey woven into a hypnotic piano composition. Lana’s voice is haunting and powerful. It moves ghostlike like through the song like mist over the ocean.”

“The song has a deep message of hope…for all of us who feel lost and disconnected in today’s world. ‘Lost At Sea’ is the reason I made my album…to share music that can bring some peace and calm to a very anxious world.”

Rob Grant on his new single “Lost At Sea”

The single’s accompanying music video is a mirage of Grant at the piano, home videos of little Del Rey and the father-daughter duo aboard a boat navigating the sea. The songstress’s ‘haunting’ voice is lullaby-like in soft falsettos, giving the single a warm-hug feeling. “Found my way to the beach, and there were waves over me,” sings Del Rey. “I was lost at sea ’til you found me.”

Speaking about the “Lost At Sea” music video, Rob Grant said: “When we shot the video for ‘Lost At Sea’ several months ago, it involved many of our friends and family. It was an extraordinary experience filming onboard a 55-foot ketch in the Pacific in extremely rough seas and high winds. The final video is very personal and interspersed with rare family footage of the Grant family growing up (images that have never been seen before.)”

“When the editor who worked on the ‘Lost At Sea’ video first heard the song and saw these images… she told us later she could not stop crying. I know it had the same effect on me.”

Rob Grant on his music video for “Lost At Sea”

What do you think of Rob Grant’s new single, “Lost At Sea,” featuring Lana Del Rey? Let us know in the comments!

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