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Emo Band Home Is Where Release Their New Album “The Whaler”

Back in June, Palm Coast, Florida emo-rock band Home Is Where released their second album The Whaler. Given the title, every song in the album seems to be about the struggles of everyday life. In other words, according to Pitchfork, “battling the inhibitions of being forced to live in a world one does not choose.” The current America which we all live in, one of atrocity, anger and absurd situations that has only led to further degradation.  With the theme, the album also highlights the lead singer, Brandon MacDonald’s life. Following a nervous breakdown in 2021, MacDonald was disillusioned for a time, thinking life was relentless and society increasingly apathetic. The new album is only a piece of it, especially with its strong and distressing lyrics. 

The song titles are no different, a memorable one including “Everyday Feels Like 9/11”. The song is not to be taken literally, as it outlines MacDonald’s experience on 9/11 back in elementary school. According to Stereogum, she highlights the day singing: 

 “On a blindingly bright Tuesday morning, I had enough time to attend a 9AM lecture. Buy the blueprint and discuss the A+ review I planned to submit when I saw my newspaper editor at the gym. When the devastating enormity of the situation finally dawned on my friends, we panicked, called  our parents, and prayed for the people who knew working in DC. And-because we started drinking almost immediately-felt an odd, wholly unprecedented rush of patriotic pride before we passed out. We stirred back to life the next morning, hoping classes got canceled.” 

As the band’s message is clear on America’s issues, hopefully they can continue to spread hope in this generation. Especially when one feels that their life is going downhill because of the world they live in.

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