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Featured Artist: AURORA – The Norwegian Fairy Goddess

Music Daily’s Featured Artist, Aurora is the artist who the most captured the essence of nature in both her lyrics and music lines. This 26 year-old from Stavanger, Norway has been reaching success via social media. Ever since Aurora Aksnes, famously known as Aurora, reached the public with her hit “Runaway,” the artist hasn’t been stopped.


Genuine, elegant and profound, Aurora is part of the revolution in our new music era of TikTok. Introduced to the public especially through this platform, Aurora was able to infuse pop in her folk melodies. The result is an emotional, refined and very catchy dream pop, to which we can’t resist but to fall in love.

Angelic, refined and “mystical,” Aurora’s voice is what makes all her releases unique and magical.
Like the power of syrens, she captures the essence and meaning of her songs and transports the audience into her magical realm. Including nordic tribal and ancient themes, Aurora mixes pop references to the music of her Norwegian’s heritage. This is the artist to listen to when you want to live a fairytale. With her magical and fairy voice, she is able to bring the listener to a side dimension where Nature is in charge and a forest is what surrounds you. A wise mind inebriated with the curiosity of a child, Aurora is the type of poet that embraces the power of nature in all the verses and melodic lines of her art.

The Gods We Can Touch

Cover designed and created by Xin Li

The influence of nature is what stands out from her magical and angelic art. Authenticity and pure expression shines in the projects that the artist has been releasing since her debut in 2012.

Her conscientious spirituality exudes purity and positive vibes. Love, happiness and passion are the core of every release, and in particular of her latest The Gods We Can Touch. With singles like “Hunting Shadows” and “A Dangerous Thing” and “Everything Matters,” the singer elegantly conquered the hearts of her tens of millions of fans.

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