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‘Everything To Everyone (Deluxe)’ From Renee Rapp

Renee Rapp Makes Her Debut

Let us introduce you to Reneé Rapp, an actress and singer-songwriter currently starring on HBO MAX's "The Sex Lives of College Girls."
Renee Rapp. Photo: Twitter- @reneerapp

Three months later on February 24, Renee Rapp returns with a deluxe version of her debut EP Everything To Everyone. This version contains an additional track “Bruises” along with an extended version of the title track/intro “Everything To Everyone.” The EP was originally brought to ears on November 11, 2022 with seven total tracks. Everything To Everyone entails the sour love story “In The Kitchen,” as well as pop and R&B fusion “Too Well.” Rapp invites us on her emotional ride through the phases of heartbreak. From sadness to anger to serenity, the singer-songwriter pours her vulnerability into sonic pop magic. 

The LP closer “Moon” left us with a somber taste in our mouth as Renee Rapp continues to reminisce about a past lover. She occupies her mind throughout the day, but the nights trap Renee in the depths of all-consuming heartbreak. “Are you lonely? / Are you movin’ on quick? I hope you’re healin’ slowly / And that your nights, they hurt like mine, ’cause I’m not sleepin’ / I’m just talkin’ with your ghost and dancin’ with your demons,” she sings on “Moon.” 

New Track “Bruises”

Firstly, Rapp on Everything To Everyone (Deluxe) has internal battles with her extreme sensitivity on “Bruises.” Her friends have harmless intent when it comes to their teasing and jokes but, the singer takes them deeply personal.

“And sure I’m down to be the joke / Metaphorically though / You could flip me inside out and they would show / Black, purple, and green / Yeah, I bruise easily,” the chorus reads.

Living in Renee’s mind is an unsettling and lethal place, where she finds herself overthinking.

“It’s not fair, I’ve got acetone for veins / I’m so sensitive, just one touch and I feel pain,” Rapp sings. You can find acetone in volcanic gases and forest fires. It causes irritation of the eyes, nose and skin and deadly consumption. Renee’s body and mind is a harrowing and unsafe place due to her thoughts. She dissects everything people say to her, leading her into a cycle of fatal thoughts and self-destruction. 

“Everything To Everyone (Extended Version)”

Secondly, “Everything To Everyone (Extended Version)” has an additional verse along with a second chorus. “Now I’m payin’ taxes so your expectations have gone up / Now I play the actress, ’cause you got me actin’ so grown up / And I can’t take it, I hate when you’re cryin’ / God, I hope that it’s over when I’m older.” 

The significance behind the title track “Everything To Everyone” dives into Renee’s caretaker role being an empath. Renee is the person her friends and family rely on and she feels a responsibility to solve their problems. Empaths look out for others more than themselves. And if they do not put up boundaries, their mental wellbeing ends up suffering.  “I can’t be everything to everyone / You call at 3 AM, I’m pickin’ up / I need the guts to go and give you up / ‘Cause I’ll kill myself tryin’ and I’m not scarеd of dyin’,” Renee sings. 

A full-length album may be on the horizon for Renee Rapp, and Music Daily will keep tabs on the new pop talent.

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