February 05, 2023



Everyone Is Loving Iann Dior’s Brand New Double Feature

Iann Dior makes music that has quickly become everyone’s favorite blend of alternative rock and hip-hop. His latest singles – Yes, two! – take that urban rock flow to a new level.


Iann Dior + Everyone = Magic

The latest musical package Iann Dior has finally been delivered. This package, a two-track project, seemingly fell from the sky and into the hands of adoring fans. The singer meets rapper has a unique take on creating music, because all he wants to do is make but he wants to listen to. 


Every artist should be a fan of what they’re creating, but this one in particular is adamant about combining and blending every genre and every influence that makes up who he is. This new project is no different. 


Still Here features two new singles, one of which is a stellar collaboration with Trippie Redd. Each hip-hop artist has been teetering on the line of alt rock for the past year – thanks to amazing production teams and even better featured artists. (They are both best friends and frequent collaborators with none other than Machine Gun Kelly: the forefather of the pop punk revival.)


Surprise! Two New Singles! Everyone Say Thank You Iann!

The first song is “don’t wanna believe,” which is an almost ethereal urban rock track. It’s melancholy and melodic, with a hint of storyteller qualities that showcases the star’s growth. As an artist, Iann Dior has become quite the lyricist and emotive performer. “Don’t wanna believe” has that on full display right out of the gate.


Although the song doesn’t even clock in at two minutes, it takes you on an evocative, imagery-filled journey. There is a heavy trap beat and a monsterous electric guitar. Between the instrumental aspect and the fact that there is an evident juxtaposition between rapid-fire rapping and soul wrenching crooning, the song is wonderfully all over the place. It tells the perfect, complex story. 


“Shots In The Dark,” which is the lead single off this double single release, features Trippie Redd.  Together, the two artists pulled off one of their greatest songs from each of their own discographies. There is passion and guitar riffs, off-the-wall flow, and mesmerizing autotune found in the song. 


When fans talk about the perfect blend of alternative rock and hip-hop, this is the song that will forever come to mind. It’s fast and it’s vivacious, but almost nostalgic to an early nineties approach to making music. 


The intensity of this new song is the most evident when watching the lyric video for it. Rarely do lyric videos add genuine depth to a track, but this song, in many ways, is an exception. An emotional Iann Dior and Trippie Redd are surrounded by spaceships and giving off a feeling of being lost. The overwhelming sense of exploration and possibility is within the heartbreaking feeling of always being on the edge. 


Each of these songs are prominent on their own, but together tell a powerful tale. Two singles dropping all at once was the perfect release idea on Iann Dior’s part. There’s emotion, rock and roll, and rap mixed together effortlessly and excitedly. Fans of many genres are sure to not get enough of these two, brand new, soon-to-be hits.


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