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Emotional Oranges & Becky G Connect on “Down To Miami”

R&B/pop group Emotional Oranges recruited reggaeton star Becky G for their gleaming new single “Down To Miami.”

“Down To Miami” Highlights Their Personal Touch

“Down To Miami” makes Emotional Oranges’ fourth single of the year and is set to be featured in their upcoming project JUICEBOX. The new track is the perfect fusion of the group and Becky G’s genres as it gives us a chill but dazzling vibe. 

Emotional Oranges teased a collab with Becky one week prior to its release. Naturally, they did it in a very unique way. On Instagram, they posted a video of the three of them hanging out in a camper, gossiping about something inaudible. “Down To Miami” is playing in the background. When they realize they are being filmed, they kick the videographer out. Two days later, they officially announced the new collab.

Becky’s Hispanic roots also took a part in the track, as she sings a cool verse and bridge adding English and Spanish phrases. “For your information, got different locations. Save your ticket to Miami, I got plenty destinations. Dubái, Cartagena, Paris o Ibiza. El pasaporte lleno con todo tipo de visa…Flying me to Miami? I don’t need nobody, ‘toy puesta pa’ mí. No quiero drama, no quiero show.”

What Emotional Oranges & Becky G Said About The Collab

“This started off as a stripped guitar idea that we leaked on socials over a year ago,” Emotional Oranges said on a press release. “We had a lot of fun re-imagining it with Becky, she’s been really inspiring to work with. Can’t wait until people get to see the creative and visuals we’re putting together.”

Becky G also took the opportunity to talk about “Down To Miami” with NME. “Everyone who knows me knows I love a vibey record, and this is the kind of track I never grow tired of listening to. I was so excited to collaborate with Emotional Oranges. I feel like we really brought our LA style down to Miami with this one.”

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