ERRA’s New Song, “Scorpion Hymn,” Breaks All Boundaries

ERRA’s new song is everything – and by everything, we mean including all the vocal ability of J.T. Cavey.

Alabama’s Premiere Metal Band Soars to New Heights

That’s right, the lead vocalist for the melodic metalcore band is using his voice to the fullest extent. Fans near and far have been jamming to ERRA for years, but it’s only now that every line has been crossed.

ERRA’s new song, “Scorpion Hymn,” features Cavey’s most melodic and outstanding vocal runs to date. (All alongside hardcore, destructive drums and heavy, ominous guitar riffs.) He recognizes that, too, and even talked about it in a press release.

“The song features almost the entire spectrum of my voice. Producer Grant McFarland and Jesse Cash assisted on creating an ominous chorus that gets stuck in your head.” Together, ERRA and these producers created not just this single, but an entire record. “Scorpion Hymn” is just the start to that.

Additionally, “the title refers to the fable of The Scorpion and the Frog, about the nature of violent instinct. It lent a means of having aggressive lyrics to compliment the aggressive style of the instrumentals.”

ERRA’s New Song Preps for Self-Titled Release

The unique metal band has been working hard at making music that suits them and they’ve finally done it. In addition to “Scorpion Hymn,” their upcoming self-titled album is set to be an out-of-body experience for listeners. 


The band themselves are proud of all that it took to create that feeling and get the music together. Besides their raw approach to music, ERRA works hard to create well-rounded songs. All musicians want to be fans of their own work – ERRA is no different.


ERRA’s new song joins the 10 songs that will be on the self-titled record, which drops March 19. The band’s natural talent and most ambitious music will be on full display. This is partially in thanks to their producers, the Grammy-nominated duo that is Slovak and McFarland. The pairing’s powerhouse studio brought this rocking Alabama band to new heights – “Scorpion Hymn,” out now, proves that.

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