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ericdoa Admits He’s a “fool4love”

Rising alt-pop artist ericdoa released his latest single “fool4love,” arriving on the heels of “sad4whattt.”

“Fool4love” is About Young Romance

ericdoa never stops. This January, he kicked off the year by releasing “sad4whattt,” a new single featured in the hit HBO show Euphoria. Needless to say, being featured in the show gave him plenty of new popularity, but he was already making waves before that. Last year, he teamed up with fellow rising artist glaive for their joint EP then i’ll be happy, and worked on more solo singles as well.

“Fool4love” is an experimental pop track that highlights ericdoa’s raspy vocals flawlessly. Combining the sounds of a classic acoustic guitar and modern production, the song is an ode to young love. 

“Baby, I’m a fool for love, but you already knew that. They label us together, we don’t really like to use that. Told me that she homesick, but she never wanna move back. If this is what we have, then I’m not afraid to lose that,” he sings in the chorus. 

Ericdoa explains, “’fool4love’ was probably my favorite experience making a song I’ve had, it was all of my close friends on the floor of my bedroom hearing me annoyingly hum a guitar melody into the amazing fortuneswan’s ear until 6 AM rolled around and the finished product was what your hearing now. A classic tale of my awkward stages of figuring out what being committed to a human being is all about.”

New Album & New Tour From ericdoa

“Fool4love” is part of ericdoa’s upcoming album Things With Wings, set for release this April. To celebrate the new album, he just announced that he will be going on a headlining North American tour starting on April 15. The 20-date tour will have rising artists Glasear and Juno joining him as support acts. The tour will stop in major cities like New York, Boston, and Vancouver, before coming to an end on May 21 in Santa Ana. More information about dates and tickets is available here.


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